Accelerated Bridge Construction

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Article/Study Title: Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) Methods

Authors: Gil Greenberg, M.Sc. – Amy Metom Engineers & Consultants, Ltd.;Michal Ashour, M.Sc. – Amy Metom Engineers & Consultants, Ltd.

Client: Netivei Israel– Israel National Roads Company

Abstract: Israel is a density populated country in which some highway and railway construction projects are executed that disrupt normal traffic flow. The principal aim of this research was to evaluate these projects and to plan new bridge systems in order to shorten bridge construction time with a minimum disruption of traffic flow, insofar as possible. The research focused on the principal components of bridges such as foundations, piers or columns, abutments, top beams, girders and deck plates, where the principal focus was on bridges having spans of 6 m to 35 m. The research provided examples of accelerated construction projects worldwide and also presented standards and specifications from other parts of the world for accelerated bridge construction. The research included an assessment of the availability of accelerated construction methods in Israel that use existing technologies (beam formwork, means of transport, etc.) and their compatibility for use in executing accelerated bridge construction projects.

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