Design Guidelines for Tunnels

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Article/Study Title: Design Guidelines for Tunnels

Authors: Staff Leader – Eng. Ran Zilberstein – Amy Metom Engineers & Consultants, Ltd.;Traffic & highway engineering and editing of guidelines: Dr. Shai Bassan – Amy Metom Engineers & Consultants, Ltd. ;Prof. Doron Balasha;Ms. Vered Yeshula – Amy Metom Engineers & Consultants, Ltd. ;Dr. Benny Frisher;Tunnels and structural engineering: A. Rozen-Engineering Ltd.;Ventilation – Engineer David Young;Fire safety – Eng. Jacob Friedman;Lighting and electricity – Eng. Haim Sonnenshein;Environmental Quality – Dr. Osnat Arnon;Road safety professional consultant:Prof. Shalom Hakkert ;Dr. Victoria Gitelman

Client: Ministry of Transportation

Abstract: The issue of tunnel design is an important component in the geometric design of urban and intercity roadways. Over the last several years, a large and growing number of urban and intercity highway projects pass through tunnels. However, no guidance has been provided for the geometric design of tunnel roads in Ma'atz (Netivei Israel) guidelines for the geometric design of intercity roadways or in the new guidelines for the design of urban streets. The need for tunnels stems from the necessity to overcome both man-made obstacles and natural conditions (difficult topography, etc.), to reduce traffic loading on roadways, to mitigate impacts on the environment and land and to preserve land resources. These needs have increased from year to year.

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