Guidelines for Determining Travel Speeds on the Highway Network

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Article/Study Title: Guidelines for Determining Travel Speeds on the Highway Network

Authors: Staff Leader – Eng. Ran Zilberstein – Amy Metom Engineers & Consultants, Ltd.;Traffic & highway engineering;Prof. Doron Balasha ;Dr. Benny Frisher ;Eng. Ruth Ben Zino – Amy Metom Engineers & Consultants, Ltd. ;Eng. Dotan Riegler Cohen – Amy Metom Engineers & Consultants, Ltd.;Road Safety: Dr. Victoria Gitelman;Prof. Shalom Hakkert;Statistics – Dr. Etti Duba;Human Engineering – Dr. David Zaidel;Transportation Engineering – Mr. Ehud Hasson

Client: Ministry of Transportation and Roads Safety

Abstract: The aim of this document is to provide comprehensive guidelines on the issue of travel speeds for the various types of motorized vehicles on Israel's road network. These guidelines reference the entire range of existing travel speeds, starting from the combined pedestrian mall to actual travel speeds on high-speed roadways. This document is intended to serve policymakers and decision-makers at the various signposting authorities, designers, enforcement authorities, researchers and other parties. It is intended to support decision-making processes on issues of travel speed and to support methodical analysis of the issue while taking engineering, traffic and environmental characteristics of the roadway into consideration, and to provide current information on actual travel speeds, both for various types of roadways and at critical points along the way.

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