The Amy Metom House in Haifa

00170008-1-679x1024In 2002, Amy-Metom’s Haifa office moved to its new residence at number 3 Yavneh Street, following its renovation as part of a unique conservation project.

Architect: Tamar Benady

As a company which has spent decades promoting development in Israel and abroad, Amy-Metom chose a building that is rooted in Haifa’s history, with the aim of making it a home for our modern and progressive activities of building and improving Israel’s infrastructure.

This aim has guided the conservation of the building. The interior is modern, while carefully maintaining the building’s original ornate and stately style. The building’s façade was renovated to remain as close to the original as possible.

The building was chosen by the Haifa Municipality as one of 13 noteworthy historical buildings.


From the municipality website (Translated):

The building was constructed as a family home in 1921, in a traditional Arab style with a central open space. A third floor and balconies were added later.

The house exemplifies a transitional period between the traditional Arab style and a modern European style. The windows and doors are framed with stylized chiseled stone. The balconies have stone balustrades with a filigree design. The iron railings feature various oriental patterns.

The building was purchased, restored, and renovated by Amy Metom, an engineering company, in 2002.


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