Micro-simulation traffic analysis of green neighborhoods in Kfar Saba – Institute for Transportation Planning & Research

Est. Construction Cost:

Design and Construction Period:

Client: Kfar-Saba Economic Development Company

Geographic Location: Kfar Saba

Description: The green neighborhoods of Kfar Saba (KS/60 and KS/80) are located in the northwestern part of the city next to Highway 4. A roadway network is planned within the neighborhoods based on traffic circles and a mini-interchange with Begin Boulevard and the Raanana North Interchange. The aim of the micro-simulation analysis was to study the anticipated level of service in the roadway network, including the mutual impact of elements in the system (among which was the layout of the traffic circles).

Amy Metom Role in the Project: Preparation of a micro-simulation traffic model in order to study the functioning of the proposed roadway network. The results of the model provided recommendations for improvements in the traffic system.

Unique Elements of the Project: The transportation analysis pointed to improvements in traffic design in order to maintain a reasonable level of service in a scenario of full implementation of the planned development.

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