Highway 22 –- Bridges above the Saadia Stream

Est. Construction Cost:
20 Million ILS

Design and Construction Period:

Client: Yefe Nof

Geographic Location: Haifa Bay

Description: Preliminary, final and detailed design of two 50 m long bridges above the Saadia Stream channel and railway track having a maximum span of 30 m using prestressed precast beams. The end abutments were set in reinforced earth within a reinforced concrete frame. The design, which was accompanied by an approving team appointed by the Interior Ministry, included inter alia the preparation of alternatives, estimates and submittal drawings for statutory authorities.

Amy Metom Role in the Project: Structural designer

Unique Elements of the Project: One of the first bridges designed in Israel using an end abutment integrated with reinforced earth. The reinforced earth block is based on piles.

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