Hadera City- multi-modal interchange transportation center

Est. Construction Cost:
100 million ILS

Design and Construction Period:

Client: Hadera municipality

Geographic Location: Hadera

Description: Design of a major multi-modal interchange transportation center in the are of 20,000 m2 site including a 6000 m2 "park and ride" bicycle and motorbike parking facilities, interface with Hadera West Railway Station and planning public transportation routes and signalized intersections. This project included the design, specifications and cost estimates for the terminal and amenities, traffic arrangements, physical development, including drainage and utilities systems.

Amy Metom Role in the Project: Leading consultant in charge of the planning and design of traffic arrangements, site development (roads, sidewalks, drainage, and utilities coordination), and coordination with the building architect.

Unique Elements of the Project: Integrated transportation terminal for all modes of transport (bus, train, taxi, private car, motorcycles and bicycles) with special attention to high level of service to users

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