Jerusalem City Entrance – The Institute for Transportation Planning and Research

Est. Construction Cost:
400 Million ILS

Design and Construction Period:

Client: Jerusalem Transport Master Plan Team

Geographic Location: Jerusalem

Description: Assessment of alternatives, including a grade separation of the Shazar-Nordau intersection, as part of the development of the city entrance area, based on plans for the addition of 300,000 square meters of businesses and hotels by 2030. The Institute for Transportation Planning and Research prepared an analysis of the area's required parking, and an economic analysis of the planned parking complex.

Amy Metom Role in the Project: Assessment of transport demand, parking requirements, and economic and financial analysis.

Unique Elements of the Project: Parking demand forecasts were prepared, in accordance with the area's land uses, and the area's planned public transport and transportation systems (rail, light rail, buses), including "park and ride". The work allowed for a reduction in the number o

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