National Public Transport Master Plan for the Ultra-Orthodox Sector – The Institute for Transportation Planning and Research

Est. Construction Cost:

Design and Construction Period:

Client: Adalya

Geographic Location: National

Description: The Ultra-Orthodox sector has a population of approximately 850,000 - 15% of the general population in Israel - and makes massive use of public transport. The project aims to characterize the needs of public transport users in the Ultra-Orthodox sector, and to estimate future demand, in order to plan a public transport system that will service the unique needs of the Ultra-Orthodox sector.

Amy Metom Role in the Project: Project management, including conducting surveys, analysis of the existing situation, mapping scenarios for the planned situation, constructing an analytical model, preparing forecasts and recommendations for short and medium term.

Unique Elements of the Project: This was the first time a methodology was prepared for transportation planning for the Ultra-Orthodox sector, as well as a transportation model adapted to this sector's needs and characteristics. For the first time, as part of this project, sensitivi

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