Outline plan for Giv’at Shmuel – The Institute for Transportation Planning and Research

Est. Construction Cost:

Design and Construction Period:

Client: Giv'at Shmuel Municipality

Geographic Location: Givat Shmuel

Description: The outline plan for Giv'at Shmuel reflects the doubling of the city's population to approximately 50,000 people, and the development of approximately 400,000 square meters of employment areas. In terms of transportation, efforts were made to maintain a neighborhood scale, to improve the sustainable transport system (bicycle and pedestrian paths), and on encouraging use of public transport. Additionally, the Purple Line alignment was adapted to the city's planned development.

Amy Metom Role in the Project: Preparation of middle and long term development scenarios, improvements of transportation networks, a transportation model for the assessing the improvements according to traffic forecasts and public transport ridership forecasts.

Unique Elements of the Project: The plan encourages the development of mass transit systems, public transport, and sustainable transport instead of adding traffic lanes, as well as improving access to the city by adding east and north access and connecting the city to the planned

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