Traffic microsimulation analysis for the Highway 77 – Ramat Yishai interchange – The Institute for Transportation Planning and Research

Est. Construction Cost:
600 Million ILS

Design and Construction Period:

Client: National Roads Company of Israel

Geographic Location: Between Tivon and Ramat Yishai

Description: As part of the National Roads Company's plans for the completion of Highway 77 between HaTishbi intersection and HaMovil Intersection, alternatives were assessed for the alignment of Road 77 and the design of Ramat Yishai interchange (Highway 75 / Highway 77). Alternatives for the interchange's stage of development were assessed using a traffic microsimulation model. The results pointed to the possibility of developing the interchange in phases, and minimizing costs of construction in the first

Amy Metom Role in the Project: Preparation of a traffic microsimulation model for assessing the traffic fuction of the alternatives for interchange and the surrounding highway network (highways 77, 75, 722).

Unique Elements of the Project: The trasport analysis pointed to improvements in routing during the first phase of developing the interchange, enabling the postponement of the construction of a loop, planned for the final phase.

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